viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2007

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Thank God for Fridays... that day of the week we all look so much forward to. I am tired at this time of the year... guess we all are!

There is just so little more to go before school breaks up for the summer holidays... and still sooo much to be done in such a short time! My students have their final exams during the following two weeks, and they have started getting desperate about not having enough marks to pass... now they are all of a sudden in a hurry to prepare extra lessons, to show how very much interested they are in their lessons at school, what good students they are, how much they have improved, how much they deserve to be given the chance (still another one after all those given to them during the year!) of having an extra exercise or test... and this is also going on at home, as my eldest daughter also has her finals at school, which certainly means getting home and giving her a hand. So I am rushing at school with my students' queries, giving extra lessons to my private students who need to be prepared for their exams, and getting home and teaching Sol what she does not understand... and this is the time of the year when, in spite of the passion I feel for my profession, I wish I was not a teacher, that I could say I am ...

As human beings, we tend to take on too many projects or activities in life, some of them all going on at the same time. And meeting deadlines gets tough sometimes... so what is it with us that we keep on accepting more and more challenges and responsibilities on a daily basis? Is it a consequence of our trying to prove ourselves, is it that there is no possible way of NOT doing so...? Why live on the fast lane all the time, when we could be living much more happily if we took life one step at the time?

As regards me, I know that in spite of how much I tried to live on the slow lane, I have on my back too many responsibilities which I do not share with anyone (because my daughters' dad is absent from their lives, because I have no one to share them with, and also because it is what life has brought my way... so that they cannot be shared). Just wish I could learn to take it more easily... that I could put less passion into everything I do, because though it gives me immense pleasure doing it that way, so much giving also leaves one exhausted and drained...

Too much stress, so many things to do... but TGIF !!!!!!

4 comentarios:

j@y dijo...

hey loved ur writings....its shows the real life.....keep on writin angel and u rock

Jeannie dijo...

Thank you Jay!!!
I am soooo happy you were able to take a look at my blog... and I hope to see you around often!

Alita dijo...

Me encanta leerte, aparte una buena oportunidad de usar todo lo que aprendí al estudiar inglés y ponerlo en práctica.

Beso y acá sigo

Jeannie dijo...

Gracias Alita!!!!
Y a mí me encanta saber que hay a quiénes les interesa lo que tengo que decir... jejeje... levanta la autoestima, vió?
te mando un beso y gracias otra vez!