martes, 6 de noviembre de 2007

And life goes on...

... as it has always done and will always do.
I have heard myself speaking these words out loud so many times, both for others as well as for myself, because life surely does goes on.
Even though I get hurt... life goes on.
In spite of ... the pain caused by the death of a family member or a very close friend,
... deceit and rejection,
... madness and insecurity of a dear one,
... not being loved in return,
... being accused unfairly,
... sadness which is so close to depression,
... lies and make-believe relationships...
Because there are people in my life who:
  • need me on a daily basis
  • love me for what I am
  • believe in my word and in me
  • care dearly for me and what I stand for
  • do not need to justify themselves for their mistakes
  • do not ask for explanations if I am mistaken
  • let me be, not telling me how to live my life
  • are honest, trustworthy and crystal-clear... just as I am.
For all those whom I mean so much to and who mean as much to me... life goes on!!! And a beautiful life it is!!!!

2 comentarios:

bill.barítono dijo...

anyway, life really goes on.
Not so sure if it's really that beautiful, but we're sure it goes on...hehe

Jeannie dijo...

Hi William!!!
It is always a pleasure to read your comments... and sure life is beautiful... in spite of how blue I might feel today, I still consider it to be beautiful. It is up to each one of us to make it that way.