viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2007

One of those days...

Today has been one of those days... the ones in which you know, the moment you wake up, that disaster might happen. Being such a sensitive person, I knew that the day would be developing in the most unfavourable way. And it did... so damn my f****** sense of "feeling" this type of things!
To begin with, the school bus was late to pick up Sol for school... well, the driver said they came by the house at 7.05 as they do every morning and nobody came out, which naturally is not so, as we were both sitting on the front lawn and looking at the new plants I had put in the previous weekend and listening to the early birds singing long before 7 am. So after some quarrelling and begging, the driver agreed to come and pick up my eldest daughter after he had finished his round, though he was not too happy about it.
Then, when I was doing the laundry, the washing machine went beserk... and then just stopped working! This meant calling the service guy, arranging for him to come ASAP... he cannot make it before the next 6 or 7 days... what does that mean?? He HAS to come sooner! So again, some more quarrelling and begging... and I was able to arrange for him to come on Monday, some time during the morning.
Next, when I was preparing the little one, Sophia, for school, she slipped in the bathtub that moment in which I just turned around to get the towels to take her out... it was just a fraction of a moment... and boom... terrible crashing of her little body against the bottom of the bathtub, which by now, naturally, had no more water in it! So off we ran to the hospital, to make sure she was ok... and she was, my sweet angel, a little bruised but not much more. I told her she would be staying at home with me in the afternoon but she started crying, saying she wanted to go to the club with her friends. As the doctor who saw her said she was ok, I let her go. We had lunch at a restaurant and then I took her to the kindergarten myself, which she loved, as she also goes by bus... so imagine, my mommie has brought me to school today!!!!
By the time all these little "problems" had been dealt with, it was way too late to go to school to work myself. So I phoned and took the afternoon off.
It was a beautiful sunny day today, so I decided to work on my laptop in the back garden, basking in the sun and getting on with the writing of my second novel... this one in English. Nothing could go wrong now... or could it? Well... it did. The person I keep closest to my heart, who is abroad at the moment, sent me an email and not a very pleasant one. The moment I saw the addressee, I was all smiles and happiness, but as soon as I opened it and started reading it, the smile on my face was smacked out with an awful blow. The words in themselves are not important right now... but the message is what counts. This person whom I love dearly just didn't know who I was, what I was worth... and that is what hurt the most... learning that whom I thought was my knight in shining armour had no idea whatsoever who I was!!! So... how could he not know that it wasn't ME deceiving him, but the ones going around with stories? I immediately answered his mail... and soon enough had an answer from him... and to be honest, though he said he didn't want to make an issue or a long story out of this, I didn't even take the time to answer again. What is the use of it if he has no idea who the people around him are? Why waste words which he will not understand, as blind as he is at the moment? I am only hoping that maybe one day, when we meet again in what... months, years?... we will be able to talk about this... and he will truly see who is trustworthy and reliable and who is not.
In the meantime... I will just have to wait. I know I did nothing wrong, except maybe falling in love with the wrong guy, someone who certainly does not deserve to have me in his life... or does he?
Only time will tell... but there was something valuable about all this... I have learnt to say what I need to say, so thank you my love... and THANK GOD THIS DAY IS OVER!!!!!!! (almost... hehehe)

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Kolo dijo...

uauuuuuuu, what a day... pero ya terminó y empieza el finde... Hope it´s nice and peacefull

Jeannie dijo...

Gracias Kolo!!! La verdad es que por los primeros aconteciemientos del día... eran cosas que pueden pasar... pero la gota que rebalsó el vaso e hizo de este día uno de m***** fue el mail de quien amo tanto. Pero por suerte, weekend!! Ya estoy partiendo para el club a jugar mis dos partidos de hockey!!! que tengas un lindísimo finde! besosssss