martes, 11 de diciembre de 2007

A thought/ Una reflexión... (III)

"Life is too short. So, follow some rules: Forgive quickly, believe slowly, love truly, laugh loudly & never avoid anything that makes you smile..."

"La vida es muy corta. Así que unas reglas para seguir: perdona rápido, cree despacio, ama verdaderamente, ríete en voz alta y fuerte y nunca evites nada que te haga sonreir..."

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Dks dijo...

So simple, so precise and so true Dear Jeannie!
Of course the forgiveness part depends on what they need to be forgiven for! For example if a woman's husband has slept with her sister or best friend I can't see her forgiving so quickly! haha :)
Muchos Besos My Dear Friend!!!

Jeannie dijo...

Donnie, Donnie... naturally it all depends on what has to be forgiven! But I think it appiles beautifully for everyday misunderstandings, don't you?
Love you dearly!!!!! =)

Dks dijo...

I do indeed!
The idea was a wonderful and honest one!
Muchos B's!! :)

Jeannie dijo...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you lots, my dearest friend!

Anónimo dijo...

Muy buena máxima. Pero hay veces en que no se puede perdonar, ya que no se puede olvidar. No opinas lo mismo?

Jeannie dijo...

Sin olvido no hay perdón verdadero. Y es verdad, es muy difícil olvidar, aunuqe siempre depende del grado de afinidad o pasión que se tenga por la persona a quien debemos perdonar, al igual que al motivo por el cuál hemos sido lastimados.

Joe dijo...

Forgiving is so hard most of the times, when forgiveness is really needed. Those are the times when we have been hurt very much. It is hard to forgive as it is still harder to forget how we have been hurt.

bill.barítono dijo...

Forgiveness is really key stuff. Not solely talking on feeling but the lack of forgiveness can cause one a lot of health problems. Those ones called psychophysiologic illness. Illness that are caused by some bad feeling one can keep inside.

kisses dear friend!

Jeannie dijo...

Joe and Bill, certainly forgiveness is the key in any healthy human relationship, which goes hand in hand with forgetting. Thank you both for caring for what I write and taking the time to read it as well as write your comments!!!! =)