jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2007

Forgiveness/ Perdonar...

When someone hurts us, forgiving, at times, becomes something so hard to achieve. What I have realized is that many times those near and dear to us might hurt us unknowingly, either because they cannot hear what we say, do not understand us fully, or are just too worked up with their own selves to see what and who we are.

What might seem as something unimportant to some, is extremely important to others. So, before speaking or writing those words that came to you or of doing something that might turn out to be very stupid, really take the time to find out if that could harm your dear one... you could be surprised at learning that what you considered was nonsense meant the world to the other person.

Cuando alguien nos lastima hay momentos en que perdonar se hace tan difícil! Lo que he aprendido es que muchas veces los que están cercanos a nosotros, sea físicamente pero más emocionalmente, nos lastiman sin saberlo, ya sea porque no nos escuchan, no nos entienden completamente, o están demasiado ocupados con sí mismos para ver claramente quién y qué somos.

Lo que podría parecer algo sin importancia para algunos, es extremadamente importante para otros. Por eso, antes de decir o escribir esas palabras que se te pueden ocurrir decir, o de hacer algo que puede llegar a ser algo estúpido, tómate el tiempo para realmente ver si eso po'dría lastimar al ser amado... te sorprenderías al averiguar que lo que considerabas algo zonzo podría significar el mundo para la otra persona.

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Dks dijo...

"Forgiveness Of Your Past"

That really would be a perfect world wouldn't it Jeannie?! :)

Clearly this was a "message" for me and I don't really understand your "game" and your reasons to keep it all going my friend!
Maybe you thrive on confusion in your life, I don't know.
That conflict that happened wasn't about you and it was totally dependent from you, it was caused by an extremely rude friend of your's: Douglas, and yet you turned it all around and made yourself the poor victim... which I found amazing and quite unbelievable really, quite crazy, as the argument was between me and him only... and in doing so you affected our friendship.

If you don't understand what I mean I think maybe, for instance, you should have a closer look at your blog here;
all your posts are in the same vein - that passive "victim" role, a person either wanting pity for their life and terrible things that have happened to them, telling the world about their hardships and wanting their egos stroked (which, after all, is what having a blog is all about anyway...)
I think that once you look into all that, and the issues that you have, that your life will become better and more positive and you can look to the future without first thinking of yourself as a victim.

O.k. so you've had bad things happen to you, as have all people in their lives - you are not alone there, but you should try not to dwell on all of this and move on and try to let go of it: "forgiveness of your past" as it were.
You can do it, you can change... that strong woman is inside of you desperate to be released!

I say all of this to help you - once you see yourself as the creator of your own destiny, your own luck and happiness, and not a poor victim that forever has bad things happen to them in their life, then you will see a huge difference in the world and everything will improve so much for you!

I don't mean this post to be a negative one towards you, but instead a positive one to help you, a blog should also be like this, honest and helpful instead of being just a virtual world of people just coming with praise and ego-stroking.
I assure you that this post is sent to help you, let's see if you confront it in a positive way or as a negative victim...

Muchos Besos My dear Friend! :)

Jeannie dijo...

This is NO game, Donnie dear, be sure at least of that. Sorry to hear our friendship was affected. Still, thank you for always being there, and for being a great person in my life who REALLY cares about me. Muchos besos!!
PS: I am in no way looking for anyone to pity me, my friend. I am too good for that and absolutely need it not a bit.

Joe dijo...

Is there some tension here? And why does this person call you a poor victim? I have known you for years... and if there is something you are NOT is one, neither do you play that role, That is so unlike you!

Jeannie dijo...

Hi Joe! Nothing to worry about here, my friend! I know I play no role of victim... and so does my friend Donnie. Big kiss, dear!

Danny dijo...

Unfortunately so many people are wrapped up in their own world, that they cease to see anyone around them, except when they need them, that is. I believe that true friends do not do anything that might harm those they love and honestly care for.
Keep up the good writing, Jeannie. It truly shows what you are made of!

Jean dijo...

Thank you for your words, Danny! Hope to see you around often... =)

Marko dijo...

Why don't you delete negative and stupid comments like the one this dks made to you?
I like what you write, and I don't understand you as the way he descibes you.
Hope to read more from you soon!

Jean dijo...

Hi Marko! All comments are welcome, as they make me grow as a person and at times also help the one who makes them to understand if they have been wrong or not. Unless they are offending, all comments will be left here. Thank you for reading what I have to say!