miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2007

This is how I feel about you...

You are so many things to me

A priceless gift in you I see,

Where I'd be the earth in a fantasy

You'd be the sun, stars, and sea.

You'd be the very air I breathe

Anad autumn's many coloured leaves.

You'd be the grass in velvet green

At sunset, twilights coloured scheme.

You'd be the rain racing down,

The way that thunder does crashing sounds,

You'd be the moonlight hitting ground,

the shadows that dance forever around.

You'd be the first hint of spring

The melody when the angels sing

The brillance of a diamond ring

You'd be my every summer's fling.

You are the very world to me,

Every beautiful thing I see,

The very thoughts that make me smile

A reason for every step, in every mile.

You glitter like gold as bright as the sun

You are now, and every day, "The One!"

And you will always be!

4 comentarios:

bill.barítono dijo...

hey. nice poetry.
quite simple but not cliche.
very nice.
keep going on that.
the thing that allowed me to meet u for the first time was poetry.
so keep it going to meet some other people. :D

Jeannie dijo...

Thank you Wiiliam!!!!
and it is very true... poetry is what made us meet on orkut!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Nice poem Jean! straight from the heart, beautiful.

Jean dijo...

That is so nice of you to say, Elaine! I am thankful for having you around reading what I write! =)