lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

Where should I start?

It is difficult to know whether to write this blog in English or in Spanish, as I have so many friends from abroad who would also like to read what I have to say...

So I guess I will be writing in whatever language I feel inspired to write in.

As I had said in my previous post, there are many things that I would like to share for those who know me to me get to know me better, and those who don't, to know who I am. So... where to begin?

The year 2001 was one that marked a before and an after in my life, like with so many other Argentineans, though in my case it had nothing to do with the political and social unrest that was going on in the country but with my private life. I could say that I was "happily" married... if living with your spouse of 15 years, and having a daughter, but not sharing anything nor having anything in common can be said to be happily married...

My mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer the year that my daughter had been born. She was operated almost immediately, and everything seemed to be going smoothly... she was improving, there were no other signs of cancer in her body and we were all getting ready to celebrate, when in December 2001 she was diagnosed with cancer to the liver, bones and brain. Thus, a new stage in my life, as well as that of my brothers and sisters began. It was just a question of three months for this goddamn illness to destroy my mom completely and take her away from us. In spite of how much we had done in the previous years to fight against this illness, of how many treatments my mother had to undergo, she was ill and dying. She was the bravest person I have ever met, as never once complained, in spite of the terrible pain she was in, and folllowed every drug treatment given to her by her doctors, although she knew it would be useless. But she wanted to teach us the last lesson she would be able to give us: never give up and always fight until the end.
My mother was a great woman, who looked after her five kids when she became a widow very young in life. She was always an example to be followed, never complaining, always giving out a helping hand to those in need... and dying the worst of deaths, consumed by cancer but still never giving up hope, for her children's sake.
And with death still more changes were to take place in my, until then, very comfortable and happy life.
That will be material for a next post.

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Kolo dijo...

Hola Jean, soy la primera!!!!! uauuuuuuuuuu. Ya te pongo en my favourites para ir leyendo. Un beso grande y thanks por pasar por el mio

* Uch! dijo...

Hola Jeannie, llegue a tu blog por el de Kolo... me siento un poco identificada con tu historia porque mi hermana mayor murio de cancer hace casi 10 años y la verdad que es una enfermedad maldita, en su caso dejó dos hijas de uno y 5 años... sin palabras!
Bienvenida al mundo bloggero, aca nos vemos!!!
Uchi de Bariloche

laura dijo...

Yo también llegué x el blog de la Colo, y creo que si al ella compartir su experiencia, vos sacaste algún aprendizaje, seguramente vos tengas cosas para enseñarnos con tus propias vivencias.
Probá, no te sientas presionada. Trata de disfrutarlo y vas viendo q pasa.
Se ve que tenés mucho para contar. Acá vamos a estar esperando.

un beso


Jeannie dijo...

Colo, Uch y Laura,
Gracias a las tres por ser las primeras que visitan mi blog y dejar mensajes tan llenos de buena energía, incitándome a animarme a más!!! La verdad es que intenté responderles a cada una por email, pero se ve que hay algo que me faltó escribir y no se mandaron...?
Ya aprenderé a usar tanta tecnología! Nuevamente... gracias!!!!

Loli dijo...

Hola Jeannie.

qué bueno que hayas abierto un blog. Vas a ver que a veces está buenísimo contar con desconocidos para descargar nuestras cosas (buenas o malas)


Jeannie dijo...

Gracias Loli!!!!

Alita dijo...

Hola Jeannie, al igual que las chicas, llegúe acá por el blog de Kolo.
Buenísimo que hayas abierto tu blog, seguro te vá a hacer sentir bien contar y descargar tus cosas, al menos así me pasa a mí, a pesar de lo poco que escribo.


maXou dijo...

bravo , bravissimo
ciao bella

Dks dijo...

Hi Dearest Jeannie!!
Well I thought I'd stop by your blog and leave a message...
What beautiful words you have written here! We have a lot in common in our lives and as I can see you are also a fighter in life! We never feel that we are strong until something happens and we are tested to the very limit and our true strength is then revealed to the maximum eh?!
Good luck to you my dearest friend Jeannie, lots of love and hugs to you and your girls and this will be one of many posts here on your blog that you will receive from me...
How fantastic to have met such a wonderful and very dear friend online! Have a wonderful week!!
Muchos Besos!! Donnie

Jeannie dijo...

Alita, Gracias a vos al igual que a las chicas por el aliento y apoyo, aún sin conocernos!
Maxou... thank you sweetheart! You are a true friend!!!!!
And Donnie, as usual, thank you for your support and unconditional care and loving words! It was great to learn that we have so much in common... and I will certainly will be expecting your comments!!!!